Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is not a choice for an existing company that want to compete in this century. In a world where Internet is the infrastructure, Market is global, Customer and Vendors are connected more a more for their mutual benefits, the standard of quality in Service-level agreements is higher; the big differentiation that impact a company competitiveness is the effectiveness when digitalize, automate, analyze, measure and forecast the business processes for a real support to its strategic projection of the its future, its vision. 

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What is the Cloud & Remarkable Systems Automation role?

We have certified knowledge on information technology, business processes, project management, and very important we work together with a selection of partners around the world that complement and empower our company and customers.

We will participate as part of the customer project playing the roles assigned to us, we will give our best with professionalism, we will encourage the project team with our optimism and discipline. We will connect our customers with Microsoft, with its services, technology and applications; we will integrate the business world and the technology with our State of the Art methodology in project management and people training. 

Why Microsoft gives a unique solution on the cloud?

Microsoft has developed what we call a constellation of applications and services on the cloud.

The first one is its amazing Office 365, now with the king Outlook (Email, Calendars, Contacts, etc.), now integrated with Microsoft Teams, the already famous hub of applications to link SharePoint Online (an excellent platform for document management, communication websites and more),  remote and confortable meetings space, planning tools, etc.

Now available, the second space as a business management solution, here you count with Microsoft Dynamics 365, specially its younger and faster system called Business Central.

The third, the Power Apps for business intelligence, with the limitless source of solutions thanks of its learning machine and its artificial intelligence features.

The fourth, but not the last, Microsoft Project Online, this important application to help us with the project management integrating the different topics and subject matters needed to execute complex projects.